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Wilco – One Sunday Morning

When to listen: sunday morning or any work-free morning, sunshine blessing your forehead.

You’ll like it if you like: The Sea and Cake, Calexico, Josh Rouse, Jack Johnson.

Follow them: Official site & Tour dates.

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Mice Parade – Sneaky Red

Mice Parade are not from this World. They just can’t be. Their rhythmic department is both sophisticated, complicated and intense without making it hard for your ears, and it merges with elaborated guitars that breathe Spanish flamenco under the sheets of calm keyboards.

So, “trade the farewell for a second chance and a story to tell”, give them a chance and they’ll “keep you warm and cover”.

When to listen: Anytime, specially if you need some energy.

You’ll like it if you like: Music in general and perhaps Dosh & Tortoise in particular.

Follow them: MySpace.

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The Felice Brothers – The Big Surprise

The jazzy band lost its swing
Revolution lost its ring

The Felice Brothers move under the radar, just like their own music gets into your brain without you even realizing.

When to listen: When revolution loses its ring and the jazzy bands lose their swing. A.K.A. anytime!

You’ll like it if you like: A.A. Bondy, Songs:Ohia (and anything with Jason Molina), Old Crow Medicine Show, Fleet Foxes.

Follow them: Official Site & Tour Dates.

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